"Yesterday: A Tribute to The Beatles"

Yesterday: A Tribute to The Beatles

"Yesterday: A Tribute to The Beatles"

Relive the incredible excitement of the most influential rock group in the history of pop music, when the #1 Beatles tribute act in the world, YESTERDAY, recreates the historic performances of the Beatles on The Ed Sullivan Show, at The Hollywood Bowl and at Shea Stadium with their "Magical Mystery Tour" of the Beatles career from 1964 to 1974. These four artists have thrilled audiences worldwide with their convincing and accurate portrayal of John, Paul, George and Ringo. The power of the Beatles recordings and concerts forever changed the perception of popular music in this country and the rest of the world beginning with their first appearance on the Ed Sullivan Show. The first act of this revolutionary show focuses on the early years and the second act of the show chronicles their amazing career from the Sargent Pepper era on. Complete with several costume changes, witty stage banter, vintage film footage and their exciting vocals and musicianship, YESTERDAY transports the audience back to a bygone era of peace and love. Also available is THE LEGENDS OF YESTERDAY, a loving tribute to The Everly Brothers, Buddy Holly and The Beatles all in one music-packed show. In addition they have arrangements , for full symphony orchestra for their Beatles tribute show, POPS GOES YESTERDAY.


Classic Yesterday-A Tribute to The Beatles
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